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PDF Viewer control for Windows

For next plugin version we add WinPreviewControlMBS control to our plugins. This one allows you to use the built-in PDF viewer in Windows 10 to show a PDF document.

We leverage what we had before with WindowsPreviewHandlerMBS class, but made it a Xojo control (and a desktop control), so you can just drop it on a window and then have a quick PDF viewer control.

The control includes a scrollbar to scroll down over the pages. There is also a toolbar to move to previous or next page, a field to enter a page number to go to. You can zoom to see whole page or zoom in. There is a contextual menu with commands like going to first and last page, and rotate the page to the left or right.

Since the preview handlers on Windows can also be used to preview RTF, contacts, fonts and mail files, we include multiple examples. You may even find more handlers installed by special software to preview other file types.

Please try and let us know what you think.

13 06 23 - 09:46