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FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 released

As you may have seen, Claris Inc. released the new version 19.2.2 of its FileMaker product family.
This update brings a lot of improvements to the quick start experience, but also a couple of very welcome bug fixes and a few new features.
Read more in the releases notes.

MBS Plugin has been updated in version 11.1 to take advantage of the latest FileMaker Plugin SDK for version 19.2. Since we changed a few things in the last months to adjust to the ongoing changes in FileMaker, we highly recommend to update. Older versions with 10.2 or newer may also work, but we can't guarantee it.

Claris FileMaker Pro 19.2.2 Release Notes
Claris FileMaker Go 19.2.2 Release Notes
Claris FileMaker Cloud Release Notes
What’s new in Claris FileMaker 19.2.2

To download the new version, you may use the download page for your licensed software (see your license email for a link) or use the in-product updater next week.
16 03 21 - 19:07