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Using WolfSSL and custom CURL functions

The fine people at WolfSSL have a few impressive products around SSL, Encryption and SSH with an emphasis on the performance and on a small footprint. Since CURL already offers multiple SSL backends, we could build our plugins using wolfSSL.

CURL is doing well and we are using it now for over 10 years in our plugins for various tasks including HTTP, FTP, SFTP and email via IMAP or SMTP protocols. See the state of CURL video where Daniel explains the progress.

Compared to the OpenSSL library we use currently for most things, wolfSSL has a lot to offer:
  • If you are concerned about memory usage, check wolfSSL as it uses less memory.
  • When you need a cross platform SSL library, it offers latest TLS 1.3 with DTLS 1.2.
  • They include hardware support for encryption, so if you have acceleration hardware in your computer, they can use it.
  • While wolfSSL has its own interface, they also have a compatibility interface matching OpenSSL, so a transition would be easy.
  • You may benefit from additional progressive ciphers such as ChaCha20, Curve25519, NTRU, and Blake2b.
  • wolfSSL can be used for free with the GPL license option or used with commercial license and they offer paid support.
If you have a need for use of wolfSSL, please let us know. We can offer to use CURL functions using wolfSSL as SLL backend for your projects in Xojo and FileMaker.

Together with wolfSSL, we can offer customization to CURL library itself. We corodinate with Daniel Stenberg from wolfSSL to get changes made for you in CURL and then integrate those into our plugin functionality to get you the features you need the most.

See also wolfSSL vs. OpenSSL and CURL at wolfSSL.

Please contact us if you are interested in some special CURL modifications or use of wolfSSL and related products in FileMaker or Xojo.
29 06 20 - 15:54