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Claris Engage Europe 2020

At the local conferences in Europe, Claris International Inc. announced their new conference Claris Engage Europe 2020 to be held in Lisbon in Portugal from 26th to 28th October 2020.

This gives people from Europe two official Claris conferences in 2020 to attend, first the one in Nashville USA in August and second this new one in October 2020.
Beside maybe another conference in Japan, the APAC conference in Australia and some un-conferences like dotfmp.

We expect Claris to bring over a couple of engineers and presenters from the US conference. Details are to be announced in the new year, but as far as we know they will look for session proposals from local developers in Europe, so if you like to talk about a topic, maybe use winter to prepare something to submit. The conference may be multi lingual, so sessions may be in German or other languages beside English.

The hotel looks great. Renovated in 2015 it has 577 rooms on 18 floors, a pool, two restaurants, a cafe and a little shop. The conference space has capacity for around 500 attendees in multiple conference rooms with a total of 2500 sqm. We would be delighted to see 500 European Claris developers to join this conference!
21 10 19 - 17:53