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Xojo Script Warning Enumeration

One of our apps uses XojoScript to compile and run scripts on the fly. We log warnings and errors. There is a list of all warnings in Xojo documentation. Today I had to figure out which warning is a specific number, so I started building a table. Here it is:
XojoScript EnumerationDescriptionValue
ConversionPrecisionConverting from %OriginalType to %NewType causes a possible loss of precision, which can lead to unexpected results.5
ConversionSignConverting from %OriginalType to %NewType causes the sign information to be lost, which can lead to unexpected results.6
CustomA custom warning displayed with Pragma Warning.8
Deprecated%Name is deprecated.1
DeprecatedWithReplacement%Name is deprecated.  You should use %Replacement instead.2
FloatingPointComparisonPerforming a %Operator comparison on floating-point values can yield unexpected results due to their inexact binary representation.7
NameLookupChangeBefore 2014r3, this would have referred to the %OldPath but now it refers to the %NewPath.14
OldStyleConstructorOld-style constructor methods are no longer supported.  You should use "Constructor" instead.3
ShadowedConstantThis constant shadows one already defined by %Superclass.13
ShadowedPropertyThis property shadows one already defined by %Superclass.12
UnknownPragmaWarningUnknown pragma name.4
UnusedEventParameter%Name is an unused event parameter.11
UnusedLocal%Name is an unused local variable.9
UnusedMethodParameter%Name is an unused method parameter.10
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