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Bugs fixed in ChartDirector 6.3

With MBS Xojo Plugins 18.5 we include the new ChartDirector 6.3 version for all platforms. The main new feature are embedded resources:

ChartDirector can use images for the chart background, pattern colors, scatter symbols, CDML icons, … In previous versions of ChartDirector, these images have to be provided using file system paths. ChartDirector 6.3 allows these images to be embedded in executables as resources, and uses "resource paths" to access them. This eliminates the need to redistribute image files with the executable. Apart from images, font files can also be embedded as resources.

Beside the new resources functions, it also includes the following bug fixes:
  • In contour and surface charts, the color axis is not drawn correctly if smooth coloring is and the number of ticks on the color axis are significantly less than the number color stops. For example, there are only 2 ticks, the color axis will draw itself by using a smooth gradient to vary colors between the two ticks, ignoring the other color stops in between.
  • In contour and surface charts, if the color axis is of logarithmic scale, and smooth coloring is used, the colors are still interpolated using linear scale. As a result, the coloring may look good.
  • For the color axis, if auto-scaling is used, the setColorScale always results in linear scale, even if setLogScale has already been called for the color axis.
  • Vector layer crashes if setArrowHead(0) is called.
  • In a vector layer, the setLineWidth has no effect if setArrowStem is used.
  • In a vector layer, the stem is visible even if the line width is 0.
  • In a vector chart, the legend icon disappear if the head size is 0 (that is, the vector chart shows stems).
  • In a vector chart, the image map is not natural if the stem width is thicker than the arrow head.
  • FinanceChart can produce too many x-axis labels in some cases.
  • ChartDirector can crash if the SurfaceChart has no data
  • DrawArea.setOutputOptions has no effect for SVG.
  • ArrowShape does not work in CDML <*IMG*>.
The new version can be tested now with 18.5pr6 or newer.
13 11 18 - 09:15