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Adding Bonjour functions for MBS FileMaker Plugin

For the upcoming 8.4 release of our MBS FileMaker Plugin, we include some Bonjour functions, so you can browse for services and query the result as JSON:

The Bonjour.Browse function starts browsing for a service and later you can use Bonjour.JSON to get results. The plugin will keep updating it's data, so a later query may show more recent results. This can be used to find FileMaker servers on the local network as well as AFP/SMB shares.

The function returns all matching services, their hosts and all available IP addresses, so you can easily connect to them via CURL, SQL functions or Files.Mount function for network shares.

If you have more ideas on what you may want or you like to try it out, please contact us by email.
28 07 18 - 13:39