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Using MBS Plugin with FileMaker iOS SDK

As some new people play with FileMaker's iOS SDK and our MBS Plugin, here a few steps to give you an easier start:
  • Get iOSAppSDKPackage_16.0.1.tbz on the iOS App SDK webpage from FileMaker's community benefits.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Open Terminal, cd to the folder of the app sdk. For me this command line:

    cd /Users/cs/Desktop/iOSAppSDKPackage_16.0.1
  • Run the makeprojdir command giving a folder name, the app name and the identifier:

    ./makeprojdir test test de.monkeybreadsoftware.test

    Of course you use your own names and bundle id.
  • Open test project in Xcode
  • In the target popup menu you can select a simulated device and when you run the app. The section for installed plugins will be empty.
Congratulations, now the app should run in simulator!
If you have trouble till here, maybe you review the iOS App SDK 16 Guide.
  • Now you can drag & drop the plugin into the plugins section in the Xcode project right in the Custom Application Resources folder.
  • Run the app again and it should show the plugin listed with version.
Now you can use the plugin in your scripts for the solution and test in the simulator.
If the plugin is not visible, please check logs and see if some error occurred. Please use MBS("Trace") command to write all plugin calls to the log in Xcode, so you spot errors easier.
  • Next you can change target to be your iPhone and run the app on the iPhone. This may need some code signing things and an Apple ID registered for developing.
  • Go to build settings and assign a Team for the code signing. Xcode can do the rest, at least for me.
  • Once this is set the app can build and run on your iPhone.
Now screen shut look like the screenshot on the right side.
  • Next step is to build for archive.
  • This gives you the build app with symbol file (for debugging) and an "Upload to App Store" button, if that is your destination.
  • Well, the creation of the ipa file to distribute will succeed.
  • But for the App Store, you will run into issues: fmplugin files are not supposed to be there.
Anyway, when you distribute your app via Mobile Device Management, you just need the app file or the ipa archive.
You may want to split our plugin into an arm only version for distribution to save some space.
Enjoy FileMaker on iOS with MBS Plugin!
22 06 17 - 23:13