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FileMaker Cloud with MBS Plugin

FileMaker Inc. announced their new FileMaker Cloud service. In your amazon account add can add an EC2 instance for a virtual private server. Inside you can now install CentOS 7 64-bit with FileMaker Server for Linux. This gives you a server in the cloud which you don't need to maintain yourself. Amazon will keep it updated and running. You can upload your database on the admin panel and use your solution. The use case for this could be:
  • You have a team of users needing a solution, so FLT is the matching licensing scheme.
  • You don't want to host yourself.
  • You are okay with hosting your server with Amazon.
  • You are okay with using data centers in US. Other data centers will come in next months.
  • You are okay with using FileMaker Server 15 and clients in version 15.
If you met those criteria, you should try it. Those virtual servers are great for temporary solutions. If a client needs a new solution for a sale promotion for a few months, you can start a server today. Run it for 3 months, download a copy of the database and stop the server. No need to sign up for a year long contract.

We'll see how this works for people in US trying it. This is a 1.0 release, so there will be issues. Other data centers will be added according to FileMaker Inc. And once we have data centers within the same jurisdiction as our company, we can start using this for real testing. Currently I have myself a small test server in Ireland and it is pretty responsive.

MBS Plugin for Linux is available if you need. We will include it in 6.5 betas soon. Gladly I started building libraries for Linux at DevCon in July when we heard first time about FileMaker Cloud. Be sure to watch the Cloud Videos:
28 09 16 - 09:48