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Two ideas for "no editor" panel

When you select a class in your project in the list of project items, you see in the middle of the Xojo window nothing. There is no editor open, but this space could be used. At our meeting yesterday we discussed the idea to have there some information visible:

The first idea (Feedback case 43673) would simply fill the space with a note. That would be a note you normally add to the class. But if you assign it a special name, e.g. "About", it will be shown as default content there. If no such note exists, we still would get the no editor panel.

With that default note, we can have a convenient place to put documentation for your classes and everyone new to the class can easily find it.

The second idea (Feedback case 45236) is a bit more. There we ask for showing the public interface of a class. This would make the use easy as it is a kind of documentation. We see what methods and properties are there and all the private stuff and the code is hidden.

Especially for encrypted classes, where you can't look inside without password.

If you like this ideas, please add your comments and let's discuss that in Houston at XDC with Xojo engineers.
16 09 16 - 11:31