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Xojo 2014r2.1

A few days ago Xojo 2014r2.1 was released. This is the final release to support Carbon as Cocoa will be the only option from 2014r3 on forward. So we are happy that the XmlDocument bugs have been fixed for Carbon target. Any other Carbon bug will probably never be fixed in the future.

For the Webkit support on Windows, Xojo went back from CEF3 to CEF1 version. The newer version had some side effects which made the older version a better choice. For our plugin, well the 14.2 plugins assume that 2014.2 uses CEF3. With 14.3 we put in an auto detect feature, so plugin can see what version of CEF is used and either use the CEF1 or the CEF3 API. So in case you use the Chromium classes from our plugins, be careful.

Database classes got some updates on MySQL, ODBC and SQLite. Like better full text search with unicode support for SQLite.

For Mac App Store the RegEx plugin was fixed, so you can submit again apps using it. See older blog post.

Please also check the blog post about the HandleSpecialURL change in this release.

For the last days, we have been using this version and it's quite stable for our projects here. So we can recommend the update.
13 08 14 - 20:17