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All plugins build for 64 bit!

Today I finally got everything to compile for 64bit targets on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Of course nothing is tested and a few things probably need to be fixed, but whenever Xojo comes with first 64bit preview of the LLVM compiler, I have a starting point for our tests.

A couple of things with go away. So far I added a lot of unsupported operation exceptions which tell you that some things are only allowed for 32 bit Mac applications. This way you notice that you call an old method.
Once 64bit is the default for new project in Xojo, we'll have to review our plugins again and mark all 32bit only things as deprecated.

So let's see what Xojo Inc. has in Las Vegas to show. If iOS and/or LLVM should come in in summer, they really should have an alpha/beta in March.
30 12 13 - 12:48