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We got a testimonial from Patrick Delaney:

I have been using Real Studio for around 6 years and since discovering Monkeybread Software, their plugins have become an integral part of my toolkit. The plugins significantly extend REAL Studio functionality and save time writing my own code to fill in the gaps. It's fair to say that if REAL Studio is missing something you need, there is probably a Monkeybread plugin to do the job!

As well as the complete plugin set I've also added a few other Monkeybread products to my toolkit - the Bug Reporter and Updater Kit to name just two. Though I could write some of this myself, utilising Monkeybread Software has saved me time and, indeed, has made me money.

The technical support Christian provides is both timely and efficient. He is always willing to help where he can. I'm a big fan of Monkeybread tools and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any REAL Studio developer.

Thank you. He is now using our SOAP kit for a web service and was very happy about it last week :-)
25 03 13 - 17:53