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Tip of day: Dynamically add webimageview to webpage

A client asked for adding a webImageView to a webpage. Okay, there is no plugin solution needed as this can be done if you try a few things:

dim i as new WebImageView

i.Name = "logoview"
i.URL = "http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realcon2011logo/logo.php"
i.Left = 10
i.top = 10
i.Width = 460
i.Height = 80

self._addcontrol i

This works. How to find the _addcontrol method? Well, I first looked for embed method, insertcontrol, addcontrol, constructor parameters in the documentation. As there is nothing, I tried a few things. You can simply code and see what the compiler says. If you type "self._addcontrol" and compile you get either an unknown identifier or missing parameters. In the second case you know the method exists.
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19 05 11 - 12:31