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Visited Essen one week before the conference

Just one week left before realcon 2011. I visited Essen today for some more organization stuff and brought you a few pictures.

If you arrive by tram/subway at Limbecker Platz, you enter the mall Limbecker Platz from the basement. This mall is huge with over 200 shops. If you exist the mall through the main entrance, you are in the pedestrian area. Look to the right and you see a Gravis shop, an retail chain specialized in Apple hardware. Look to the left and you see 100 meter away the frontside of the Unperfekthaus.

On friday at 7pm we'll meet there. Probably outside (if the weather is okay) or inside in the lobby area near the restaurant. Please note that you first go to the corner to get your ticket for the unperfekthaus. For the actual conference it'll be most likely a wristband for everyone. For friday, it's a peace of paper. The ticket costs 5.50 Euro and you pay it when you leave. For that price all non alcoholic drinks are included. For the actual conference, we have all you can eat :-)

To the conference area (rooms 154, 155 and 158), you go up the stairs. Next to the stairs, you find one of many drink stations. All non alcoholic drinks are free with the ticket and it's self service.

This is the room 158. At the time I took the picture, it was in use of another group and the arrangement for chairs and tables will look different. As you see this is a lot of art shown in the whole house.

This is the area which we can use in our breaks. Again it will look different for the conference. In this house you can easily find a place to use your computer and lookup emails. Wireless network is free for you.

Back downstairs in the restaurant I made two pictures of the buffet.

This is the second part of the buffet. Please note that this the afternoon buffet.

This is the main station.

If you leave it, you cross a big street and go straight forward between the hotel on the right and the Kaufhof shop. From here you can decide which way to go to the Unperfekthaus. Either through the shopping streets or the direct way through back streets.

If you come here, you see the cathedral behind you.

This is the cathedral of Essen.

The cathedral inside.

So from main station you walk straight forward the Kettwiger Street (main shopping mile). You pass the cathedral on the right and on the Flachsmarkt you see the Marktkirche (market curch) on the left. There you turn left into Limbecker Street. You follow it until you see the Limbecker Platz Mall entry. There you turn right and Unperfekthaus is on the right side of the street.

If you like to avoid going through main shopping streets, you can take some back streets. It should be faster and less traffic to walk. So you go to the Kaufhof and turn left behind it. You are now in the Lindenallee. You basically walk this way until you hit the back entrance of the Unperfekthaus. But here a few pictures for your orientation.

Lindenallee goes the left exit of the roundabout.

As you see it is a nice avenue. On this way you'll see quite a few banks, so if you need cash, ask there.

Over a street.

Continue here

And here.

Here you enter pedestrian zone.

And this is the back of Unperfekthaus. Not sure if the construction area will be there next week.
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