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MBS Real Studio Plugins 11.1

We just released our plugin collection in version 11.1.
Finally we have a DynaPDF 3 version with raster to show to the world. It's not yet complete as a far things are not yet included like blending modes. But I think it's okay to start developing applications with it. For DynaPDF we will have regularly new versions coming and if you are interested, we can add you to the dynapdf newsletter for updates. The update next week should add support to the render engine for annotations, forms, layers and patterns.

Beside the DynaPDF additions, the version 11.1 has a huge number of new features. New classes for color matching on Windows, improved Zip classes and new CoreGraphics Display classes. There is also a rewritten OpenCL Plugin part where you can compile and run OpenCL code to do blazing fast image transformations. We now support a few more phidget devices and new HASP dongles.

For a complete list, check the release notes.
04 05 11 - 13:09