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REAL Studio Developer Magazine 9.4 published

The May/June 2011 (9.4) issue of REAL Studio Developer is now available!

Here's a quick preview of what's inside this issue:

* Georgia Here I Come * by Marc Zeedar
Marc attends the RB Summit 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, and writes about all the goings-on. Find out what's in store for Real Studio and see photos.

* GUI Design GUIde * by Tam Hanna
Designing your program's graphical user interface is a key skill. Eliminating extra steps to save the user time is more obvious with mobile apps, but those same techniques are helpful on the desktop as well.

* The Meaning Gradient * by Jens Bendig
Understanding the real meaning of what's going on inside your application is critical. Jens explains how you can increase your understanding by developing an app structure that's more conducive to meaning.

* Your Preferences in Keys * by JC Cruz
All the details you need to know for storing your application's preferences in key-value pairs.

In our regular columns we've got articles on printing styled text, serving SQLite, the risks of handshake contracts, web app sessions, and much more.
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