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Pricing a conference

Yesterday someone asked about the price of our conference. The price is 249 Euro. That's including VAT, so for businesses it's really 209.24 Euro.

A conference has costs and we need to cover them:
In details it includes the fees for the hotel conference room for two days including food and beverage. Beverage includes all non alcoholic drinks in the conference room, coffee in the breaks and some drinks for lunch. Snacks are offered for the coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon. Also a three-course meal for lunch or a buffet, depending on the number of people we have. For saturday evening we planned to offer a guided tour through the historic district of Koblenz and later a dinner with all participants. Sunday evening should have a lunch and/or dinner for everyone. But that depends on where we actually have the event end. The friday is optional and I expect everyone pays for himself.

If you like to join, please register. If price is a concern for you, please email us so we know about it.
In the feedback session on the end we will discuss the conference including sessions, location, date and price.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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