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Visiting the conference hotel and Weindorf

Today we visited the hotel for our REAL Studio Conference 2010. On this occasion, we decided to have lunch at the restaurant Weindorf, situated right next to the hotel conference hotel. More on the 'Weindorf' later. Let's continue our visit to the conference hotel Mercure.

This is the hotel from outside if you come to the main entrance:

Inside we went to the conference rooms. Which room we get depends on the number of people, so register soon to help us organize the best room. This is one of them:

Next we walked around the lobby. Next to the reception and the main hallway you find a lounge area and more to the back the bar area:

From the bar, you walk through a door to the restaurant area. Our lunches will be here:

Walking down to the Rhine from the hotel brings you to the Weindorf. The name means wine village as it was built 1925 for the Reich Exposition of German Wine. You have here five half-timbered houses grouped around a village square. The square is a nice beer garden, but it may be too cold in October to sit outside. We were seated inside and took a picture to the square:

We walk inside and take a look on the beer garden:

And take a place inside where we can look outside:

For our lunch we ordered pork filet with champignons in cream sauce with noodels, pork escalope with french fries and two side salads. The meal was delicious, tasty and reasonably priced:

Finally we take a walk to the Rhine:

Looking to the south we see Pfaffendorf on the other side, one of the districts of Koblenz.

Looking to north, we see the Pfaffendorf Bridge over the Rhine.

And behind the bridge be can see castle Ehrenbreitstein:

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