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Reasons to visit Germany

There are a lot of reasons why you could visit Germany beside visiting our REAL Studio conference and here are a few ideas:

Recently I visited the mall in Koblenz. The Löhr Center with 130 shops and in the supermarket there I met a british family who came for a visit. And why? Because they can buy beer much cheaper here than in the United Kingdom.

Some people come to drive 200 mph on the highway. Yes, Germany has 7500 miles of highways all over the country and around half of them have no speed limit. Actually you get a fine if you drive to slow or slow down other cars. See Video on Youtube.

Another people come to visit old historical sites. Especially americans like to see buildings with ages they can't find at home. You can visit roman buildings like the former residence of the roman emperor: Trier. Or along the rivers Rhine you easily find dozens of old mid age castles (e.g. Castle Elz) and very nice historical town centers.

Famous for Germany is the Oktoberfest in Munich. This year it ends on 4th October 2010, so you can visit it before our conference. This year is the 200th anniversary with a special program for visitors.

If you are interested in second world war history, you can for example visit the Nazi party rally grounds in Nürnberg. Or the west wall, the World War II defense line has a couple of places you visit with bunkers and tank barriers. If you come to Berlin, visit the Reichstag and the Wilhelmstraße where the Nazi Government resided. There you can find the building of the Air Ministery (now finance ministry) and the place where Hitlers bunker is below the Reich Chancellery. Also the Bendlerblock, where the Ministry of Defence was and still is.

From the alps in the south to the sea on the north you can see beautiful landscapes. You can email us if you need more information. Used tags:
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