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Plugins 10.1

The new plugin release is uploaded.
You find it on both servers. The German one here: macsw.de/plugin/.

In this release we updated libraries we use to new versions: CURL 7.20.0, RegEx to 8.0.1, DynaPDF and sqlapi 3.7.30. Especially the DynaPDF 2.5 update gives you much improved font support. Check new manual and the compatibility notes. The plugin for Image Capture on Mac OS X has been rewritten and is now much easier to use. You can import pictures from a digital camera or a scanner using this plugin. Also the DNS Service plugin part which offers Bonjour network discovery works much better on Mac OS X and Windows.

A lot of small things changed like the AppleRemoteMBS class now handles the new aluminium remotes better. We got a new QCViewMBS class for playing Quartz Compositions, a new WindowsSerialPortsMBS class to enumerate the serial ports, a face lift to the tidy classes, some new picture and graphics functions and improvements on the CoreGraphics classes.
03 03 10 - 14:13