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Nearly 2000 new Functions in the 9.6 prerelease of MBS


Apple is fast and Snow Leopard came much earlier than expected.

But we have something for you to check out: Our newest plugins with support for Snow Leopard.
As REALbasic is going to support Cocoa later this year (or next year), we are working on getting better Cocoa support, too.

  • New Spotlight classes for searching
  • CoreLocation classes
  • Improved PDFKit and QTKit classes
  • Added new CoreImage filters for Snow Leopard
  • Added QuickLook Preview Panel class for Snow Leopard
  • Added OpenCLMBS module for Snow Leopard
  • More Cocoa classes: NSActionCellMBS, NSCellMBS, NSCharacterSetMBS, NSMutableAttributedStringMBS, NSMutableCharacterSetMBS,
  • NSMutableURLRequestMBS, NSRangeMBS, NSScreenMBS, NSTableHeaderCellMBS, NSTableHeaderViewMBS, NSTextFieldCellMBS

In total the plugins got over 2000 new functions.

Download here:

Christian Schmitz
17 09 09 - 16:18